Type of display stand

2024-07-09 17:46

According to the style, the display rack can bedivided into: floor display rack, desktop display rack, hanging display rack,shaped display rack, theme display pile head, rotating display rack, etc.

According to the material can be divided into: paperdisplay rack, metal display rack, plexiglass display rack, composite displayrack and so on.

Display rack according to the use can be dividedinto: exhibition display rack, clothing display rack, food display rack, lubricatingoil display rack, data display rack, jewelry display rack, publicity displayrack, makeup display rack and so on.

According to the characteristics of the displayshelf, the design and matching product promotion display shelf, coupled with acreative LOGO sign, so that the product eye-catching display in front of thepublic, thus increasing the advertising role of the product.

New product notification

Most of the paper shelves/paper display stands belongto the new product notification advertising. When the new product is sold, withother mass media, the use of paper shelves/paper display shelves in the salesplace for promotional activities can attract the attention of consumers andstimulate their desire to buy.

Attract customers into the store

With two-thirds of actual purchases made on an AD hocbasis, it's clear that retail stores' sales are directly proportional to theircustomer traffic. Therefore, the first step in the promotion of papershelves/paper display shelves is to attract people into the store.

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